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The State of New Jersey has enacted legislation that extends eligibility for medical and prescription drug coverage for certain dependents. Under this regulation, your dependent may be eligible to maintain coverage under your benefit plan to their 31st birthday. Your dependent may be eligible for these extended benefits (called “Chapter 375 Dependent” benefits).

  • The young adult’s parent must be covered under a group health benefits plan issued in New Jersey that permits coverage of dependents.
  • The young adult must not qualify as an eligible dependent child under the policy in which s/he seeks to enroll (or must be about to age-out).

The Young Adult is:

  • is younger than 31 years old, but older than the limiting age for dependent children stated in the group health benefits plan in which he/she wants to enroll
  • is a resident of New Jersey, or, if not residing in New Jersey, is a full-time student at an accredited public or private institution of higher education
  • has evidence of creditable coverage or receipt of benefits under a group health plan, a church plan, an individual health benefits plan or receipt of benefits as a Medicare recipient
  • is not covered under another group health plan, church plan, individual health benefits plan and is not entitled to Medicare as of the date that coverage under the parent’s group health benefits plan would begin (note: a young adult can have other coverage upon the date the DU31 election is made, but not upon the date the DU31 coverage becomes effective)
  • does not have any children
  • does not have a spouse, civil union partner or domestic partner.

There will be a cost associated with the addition of any Chapter 375 Dependent to your benefit plan and state law allows carriers to charge up to 102% of the single-plan rate. Most carriers, however, are charging much less. This cost will be billed directly to the dependent.

In order to maintain this coverage, you must continue to provide the required contributions for the duration of the policy. Failure to provide these funds will result in your Chapter 375 Dependent’s removal from the plan. In addition, if your plan imposes pre-existing condition limitations, those limitations will be waived if enrollment occurs promptly during this initial enrollment period.

Aetna Dependent Under 31 Election Form
To enroll in this coverage, please complete the form below and submit it to Ed Black in the Payroll/Benefits Department. The SNJREBF will bill your dependent directly for the coverage.

Dependent Under 31 Election Enrollment Form

For more information on the Dependent Under 31 law:

New Jersey Chapter 375 (overage dependent) applies to Medical and Prescription coverages only. Members who age out of the dental plan may elect to continue coverage through COBRA only.

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