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Health Insurance

Health Insurance Information

The School Health Insurance Fund (SHIF)  is the plan administrator for the school district�s health benefits.  Aetna is the medical and prescription carrier for the Moorestown Township Board of Education employees.

Benefit Update!

Effective July 1, 2018, the following benefits apply to the MEA/General Staff:

Base Plans

The Aetna POS $15 copay plan with the 10% Rx coinsurance and the Aetna HMO $15 copay plan with the Rx Retail copays $5/$10/$20 will be the base plans. Any member who selects a higher cost plan will have to pay the difference in premium in addition to their employee contributions under Chapter 78 Legislation.

* New MEA/General Staff 2018 Side-By-Side Plan Comparison - Click Here.

Specialty Medications  

All Specialty Medications will be ordered through Aetna Specialty Pharmacy.

Specialty Medication Flyer

To learn more about Aetna Specialty Pharmacy, pleaseClick Here.

Great News for Moorestown BOE Employees! Save Money With These Plan Alternatives

Lower cost plan alternatives- Moorestown Township Board of Education is now offering employees more choices for their medical plan coverage. Employees can choose the coverage that best meets their needs.

Three cost saving medical plans are being offered that also include prescription benefits:

Aetna ACPOS Core

  • This plan includes a $500 employer contribution to a Health Reimbursement Account that the member can use to pay for eligible medical and prescription expenses,such as the deductible, medical copays, medical coinsurance, and prescription copays. 
  • The deductible is based on the Calendar Year and must be met prior to certain eligible medical expenses being covered. Once you have met your deductible, you are then responsible for your copay or coinsurance listed on the benefit summary.
  • For many of the Preferred Care (in-network) services, the deductible is waived,such as Primary Care visits, Specialist visits, as Preventive Care, Chiropractic Care, Inpatient Hospital Care, and Diagnostic Laboratory and X-Ray services.
  • Click Hereto find out more aboutHealth Reimbursement Accounts.

Aetna NEW $1500 High Deductible Health Plan

  • For this plan, the school district will contribute 25% of the deductible ($375 single; $750 family) towards a health savings account which the member can use to pay for eligible expenses. 
  • Once the In-Network deductible is met ($1,500 individual/$3,000 family), all In-Network medical benefits are covered at 100% for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • Members pay 20% coinsurance for prescription drugs.
  • Click Hereto find out more aboutHealth Savings Accounts.

Aetna $2500 High Deductible Health Plan.

  • This plan includes $300 employer contribution towards a health savings account which the member can use to pay for eligible expenses.
  • There is no charge for In-Network Preventive Care.
  • Click Hereto find out more aboutHealth Savings Accounts.

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MEA and General Monthly Premium Rates Good Thru 6.30.2018


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